Joe the Plumber, the Richest 'Average Joe', Ever!

Yahoo, I'm assuredly aback online, and just in time for the US Presidential Debate!! Why am I soo added aflame about that? Because I can't delay to allocution about Joe the Plumber!! Hello, Joe, if you're out there! Say, are you married?? Nothing I adulation added than a plumber, and not just because I acquire a camp aqueduct on the alfresco of the battery in my new bath (more on the new abode I just bought and acquire been renvating like crazy in a few minutes... appropriate now, me absolutely wants to allocution about Joe the Plumber!).

Okay, so anybody knows I acclimated to be affiliated to a plumber, so, of course, I apperceive very, actual able-bodied how abundant they make, and we knew all array of added plumbers, because they all lived in our attractive Acreage Community, because they were all loaded! hahaha! That's right, McCain's animated archetype of a 'Middle Class, Average Joe', was a plumber, conceivably because he has a abrogating abstraction of how abundant a plumber makes, and an acceptance that anyone in the Trades ability accomplish waaay beneath than, say, a advocate or a doctor. Now, by no agency am I adage that doctors and attorneys don't do well, because generally they do, but so do the plumbers and all the added Trades People. I do not like that old average that poor old Joe the Plumber is some poor sod, almost eeking out a living. No, indeed.

Now, I'm not tryin' to accomplish you all jealous, but I appear to own my actual own calculator, so I bound did a little simple algebraic to see how abundant Joe the Plumber makes if he works 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 canicule a week... okay, let's say he makes $69./hour, which is abundant lower than a lot of plumbers make, abnormally if they own their own business. So lets just go with 12 hours a day, so that's 84 hours a week, times 52 weeks a year, so 4368 hours, at $69./hour. What?? Is my calculator appropriate at $301,392. a year? haha! You go, Joe!! I loves me a man in the Trades!! And I adulation all the Women in the Trades, too, but in a altered affectionate of way! lol!

You apperceive what's even funnier about the Joe the Plumber situation? Guess who congenital his own house, and bought all the acreage about his house, afresh congenital all the houses on his anew purchased land? That's right, Baby, Joe the Plumber! Humans in the Trades body their own houses, because they already acquire all the contacts with all the added Trades Humans to get the job done bound and generally beneath budget, primarily because they can do a lot of their own work. And afresh we advertise to the added Professionals, and that's what makes our little abridgement go 'round... so I achievement that's abundant allurement for added humans to beat by their bounded colleges to see what affectionate of training programs they ability acquire in a Barter that appeals to anyone who is interested. You apperceive what I would absolutely adulation to see, as a Builder and as a Teacher? I would adulation to see every individual kid advancing out of top school, encouraged to advance at atomic one accomplishment breadth they can consistently acquisition a job, and be able to acquisition a job that will pay them able-bodied abundant to accommodate for themselves and their family. Now wouldn't that be nice?? Go advanced and get as abounding Advanced Degrees as you like, but one appropriate accomplishment that makes you attainable at any accustomed minute of your activity is capital for adaptability in your life.

And aback we're on Education, now, I admired the accomplished bit in the agitation about 'No Adolescent Left Behind', Bush's Big Abstraction to fix apprenticeship in America. You apperceive what agents secretly alarm 'No Adolescent Left Behind'? "Every Teacher Left Behind". It's true. It's a plan with a admirable name, that makes anyone who sees all the flaws with it attending like anyone who doesn't abutment 'every child', but that's crazy, because that's absolutely the alone affair agents do, day in and day out, is abutment every child. We adulation kids, and we ambition them to apprentice and be the actual best being they can possibly be. But wouldn't it be absurd to acquire a arrangement that supports the professionals who accumulate the accomplished affair moving? I've gotta say, the Voucher Arrangement scares me, because it takes money anon out of Public Schools, and that's not good. Dang, I soo ambition I were an American Citizen so I could vote for Obama!!

The affair they never say out loud in all these chats about annihilation that removes acceptance from the Public Academy System, takes money out of that arrangement and gives it to a Private System, is that Public Schools acquire ALL children. Yep. Every endure one. Private Schools alone yield the 'Cream of the Crop', IF their parents acquiesce it. I'm not a fan of Elitism, and that's what Private Schools accurately of... and for that to anytime be Publicy Funded is a big botheration for me. I ambition they would accord the money to Public Schools, and accomplish them incredible, and accessible to all children, not just a called few. It's simple to acquire absurd Top Scores on all your tests if every kid in the academy is Gifted. All that allocution about Special Needs Acceptance (you all apperceive I advise Special Needs Students, and acquire for 25 years - they are the adulation of my life, forth with my own little family!), but the absoluteness of abounding Charter and Private Schools is that our Special Needs kids are not included in their schools, or play a abundant abate role than in our Public Schools. (Okay, I'm accepting off my Soap Box -- it's not that adequate to angle on, anyway!)

Hey, you apperceive what I would absolutely like to know? (Joe the Plumber's buzz number, and if he's married! hahahaha!) No, fer real... I would adulation to apperceive if you can retrofit an absolute architecture to alpha application Geothermal Energy. I'll charge to ask Dwight, my ex-husband (remember Dwight? He's accomplishing absolutely well, and we just went up to Canada for a wee visit, and did a 'dog-boy' barter for the weekend... we all backward in the aforementioned admirable auberge in Vancouver, and our son, Aidan, backward with Dwight, and Dwightie brought out our candied little dog, Tia, and she backward with my daughter, Cara, and I in our auberge room. What a abundant weekend! It's a very, actual Acceptable Affair if you can acquire a absolutely acceptable accord with your Ex, right?). Anyway, Dwight knows a lot about Geothermal Energy, and if we had congenital addition house, together, we would absolutely acquire gone with Geothermal Energy. One day I would loove to body a abode that is absolutely Off the Grid (and if you're not absolutely abiding what 'Off the Grid' is, it's if you can absolutely accumulation all the activity you charge for your own home).

Wouldn't that be amazing, though, if that were feasible? Here's a affair example... I just bought a admirable new Condo (new to me, it was congenital in 1970), and my Circuitous already has Solar Panels on our roofs, which I anticipate is actual progressive. In fact, I would absolutely like to see one set of the Solar Panels affiliated to one of the pools at my circuitous (ironically, I would like the Solar Panels affiliated to MY admired basin in the circuitous [there are 3 -- yippee!], the one amidst with a bulk plants and trees... like a little haven in the city!). But abreast from my own vested absorption in accepting a admirable balmy basin all year long, I anticipate it's absurd that we could use our Solar Activity to calefaction it. What if all the pools in North America were acrimonious with Solar Energy? And if there were some way to assignment into the apple to admission the Goethermal activity to catechumen into activity to ability altered aspects of my Condo Circuitous after advancing the breadth too much, wouldn't that be a abundant use of acceptable energy? The botheration would be the arduous antecedent costs involved, but wouldn't the bulk be off-set by the all-embracing accumulation into the future? Hmm... I'm accommodation abounding of questions like that... and absolutely a few abundant seedier questions, too, but if you've apprehend any of my added stuff, you already knows that!! LOL!

I can't acquaint you haw aflame (and relieved) I am to acquire my Website aback up... man, that was scary. I was down for over a month, but in my 'downtime', I absolutely adapted my accomplished new place! WooHoo! It's gorgeous... alveolate throughout, which is actual abnormal in a 'City Condo'. Man, I loves me a Alveolate Ceiling! I anticipate they accomplish the accomplished abode feel so abundant added spacious...if you appear to be in the affliction of a Build, appropriate now, and you were cerebration of accepting the acceptable collapsed ceilings,have a attending up at the abeyant in your beam to Vault it. You're just traveling to insulate the roof beams and drywall over that (oh, I acquire a acceptable hotlink for this... pop into my 'Insulation & Drywall Page', and you'll see some appealing air-conditioned pictures of this process). Anyway, the bulk is minimal, accustomed how admirable and accessible your new abode will be. I've never looked at the bulk of adopting the ceilings to actualize a new Vault in a Renovation, but if you don't acquire any structural changes alfresco of adopting the ceiling, it shouldn't bulk all that much, in the arrangement of things... but you apperceive I accomplish in 'Construction Dollars', so consistently acquire added on duke than you anticipate it's gonna cost, to accomplish abiding you're still active aural your agency and don't lose your apperception if you get the bill!

Okay, well, it's abundant to see you, again! Did I acknowledgment how abundant you look? Acquire you absent addition 10 pounds?? Not me! haha! Although I did affiance my Nurse-Practictioner that I would lose 10 pounds so I can break on The Pill, aback I'm appealing abiding that if I don't accumulate demography 'The Pill', I'll barter the 10 pounds I'm declared to lose for a 10 batter baby, and that seems like bad abstraction for me (since God Knows I anticipate I could get abundant if a nice searching beefcake man absolved accomplished me...which reminds me of one of my admired jokes, this year, the "Frank, I alone the baby" Stork joke, breadth Frank and his Stork Buddy are 'delivering' babies...), except that the absoluteness is that I am very, actual addicted of babies, so I am aggravating to bethink that I reside in America, now, and as abundant as I would adulation to acquire addition baby, I absolutely shouldn't, what with accepting to plan for a living, now, an' all! So my job in the next 2 months is to lose that abuse 10 pounds, and accomplish my Nurse-Practitioner happy!Hello, Apple Crumble Diet! Good-bye deeelilicous chocolate.

I am still cutting a bikini, which is a Acceptable Sign, so hopefully by the end of these next brace of months, I'll be sleeker than ever... and I still don't acquire a bead of cellulite, which is abundant at 45! Stooopid cellulite! (If you abhorrence it, too, get rid of blubber with my admired exercise... but I affiance I will try to bethink how to put new pictures on my website so you don't acquire to attending at the old pictures of me... I charge pictures of the absolute bulk of weight I lift to ambition that annoying leg cellulite, afresh we'll all acquire absurd legs, right??) (Ooookay, I'm lying about accepting rid of my admired amber -- you bent me in my tiny little lie... but I will alpha bistro my Apple Crumble, again, and I am aggravating something 'new to me'.. I'm accepting a 'Cereal Diet', array of. All my 'diets' are 'sort of', in that I like to eat whatever I ambition (who doesn't?? haha!). But I acquire a approach that accepting cereal, abnormally annihilation with bran or oatmeal, is a Acceptable Idea, so I will acquire atom (I like Raisin Bran, these days) or soup for dinner, the Apple Crumble for my morning snack, and appealing abundant whatever is accessible at lunchtime. So far, so good. I'll let you apperceive how it goes. And I'll footfall it up a bit at the gym, too, and abide pond every day. I like to bathe laps, afresh jog in the basin for about bisected an hour... I anticipate I absent an inch off my waist, just with the 'Pool Jogging'.. affable and easy. And afresh I absorb an inordinant bulk of time in the hot tub, appear home and acquire a drink! hahaha! Now does my 'diet' complete like fun?? Yep! I'm not about to be black at any point in the day just to lose weight -- that's the botheration with all those added diets, they overlook that humans just ambition to be happy, and lose weight! If I counterbalance addition 500 pounds by the end of next week, I'll let you apperceive that my approach needs a slight adjustment! LOL!

All right, I absolutely am going, now! See what happens if we haven't talked in all this time? There's just so abundant to say! I will do my bestest to get aback in actuality added often... and I acquire a new Business that I am starting, so I'll acquaint you about that, too, if I get that launched... all actual exciting!! Thanks for bustling in for a wee visit! You apperceive I adulation to see you! C'ya, Baby!! , Ailsa xox

Rock the Vote, Baby!!